Hello friends!

Hoping you are well. We are grateful and thankful to you for helping us complete a successful crowd funding campaign for our film - B. R. Ambedkar  Now and Then.

We are excited to inform you that the BRANT merchandise is ready as part of giveaway rewards with respect to your contribution to the campaign. We have Brant postcards, BRANT still images, stickers, T-shirt, mugs, a tote bag, paintings and more.

At this moment we are working on the post production and and the work is active on various aspects of the film. We will soon update you regarding the schedule of workshops and Post Production participation, as part of reward give away. Keep watching this space.

For best interests of the film, we have decided to hold on to the BRANT Original Sound Track, DVDs and Script. We will update you once the film is out in the public domain.

The merchandise will be dispatched to you soon. We regret the delay that we have caused, however our intention is to share the love that we have received.

Thank you!
Jyoti Nisha
Writer, Director and Producer


T-Shirts . Mugs . Tote Bags . Posters . Postcards . Stickers